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Valfei is located in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec. A real country paradise with some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Eastern Canada. The Appalachian Mountains form the scenic backbone of the Eastern Townships.

Valfei separates itself from the competition by offering Garden Centers, Hardware Stores and Retailers products for every season. Whether you’re looking for Christmas Trees, Pumpkins, Horticultural Products or Wood Pellets, we have you covered! With Valfei’s vast natural resources we have capitalized on growing and manufacturing the finest nature has to offer in North America since 1965.


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Our team is dedicated in providing unsurpassed customer satisfaction and ensures knowledgeable, professional customer service. Please feel free to contact us.

Serge Vaillancourt


Antoine Plouffe

Sales Representative

Michèle Madore

Customer Service Manager

Nathalie Larochelle


Colette Martineau


Bob McManus

Sales Representative

Cindy Côté

Customer Service 

Serge Favreau

Yard Manager

Michael Maffei

Vice President

Yvan Marchesseault

Sales Representative

Nicole G. Quiron


Angus Patterson

Production Manager

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