Valfei is a wood pellet manufacturer and produces premium 100% hardwood pellets. Valfei manufactures wood pellets from our Shawinigan, Quebec, Canada plant and these wood pellets have been heating homes across Canada and the United States.

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Our wood pellet production consists of using 100% recycled hardwood remnants making a sustainable and recycled energy source. This wood pellet fuel is considered top shelf quality for its long combustion and extremely low ash content.

Valfei wood pellets (AMBIANCE and ORFORD) are sold in the United States and Canada.

Valfei Wood Pellet Factory
Valfei wood pellet sawdust dome
Valfei wood pellet making machine
Ambiance wood pellets on a pallet
Valfei wood pellet plant silo
Ambiance wood pellets on a pallet with forklift
Valfei Owners holding wood pellets in their hands



The Valfei Wood Pellet facility began operations in 2006 and uses state-of-the-art technology with a 75,000 tons capacity. Valfei invested heavily in a lot new equipment recently to be able to expand the wood pellet manufacturing business and secure the growing demand in our industry. 

We are very conscious of the environment and we opted to not receive raw material in the form of logs or trees that have been cut by logging companies unlike many other wood pellet manufacturers. Opting for recycling hardwood remnants from flooring and hardwood cabinet companies, we do not damage the forest but rather use clean hardwood from remnants of products that have already been made. We can truly say that this process is extremely environmentally friendly.

Not only is this process environmentally friendly, but also the raw material is free of sediments, no resin and no bark thus resulting in a clean wood pellet that is easier to clean in the wood pellet stoves.

We work hard to ensure good wood pellet inventory levels to be able to accommodate for sudden greater demand in the market. We forecast ahead and we are constantly evaluating the potential growth for residential bio fuel. With our recent expansion, we are ready to grow and offer even more to the market place. 

If you would like even more information about the wood pellet industry, we recommend that you visit https://www.canadianbiomassmagazine.ca

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